I’ve finally given in – and looked up my Human Design Have I lost my marbles or does it all make sense?

Katja Brunkhorst August 28, 2023


Hey you, if we’ve been acquainted for any length of time, you know what big a deal this is:


For years, I’ve been immune to Human Design – essentially the brainwave of a middle-aged man at a rave in 1987. 🤪


The chakras (already something even my yoga teacher, AG Mohan, views with much suspicion), plus the I Ching, mixed up willy-nilly with some astrology? In a pseudo-scientific practice whose effectiveness has decidedly not been confirmed by peer reviewed research?

Thanks, but no thanks, was my go-to answer for ages; followed by a hearty:

Are you f*cking serious right now?

After all, I’m a scholar! An academic! I identify as spiritual, but not into dangerously limiting esoterical fashions…and certainly, allergic to anything that smacks of hype.


I took pains to avoid that mega-trend in my bubble, the online business & coaching world.


But the other day, I couldn’t dodge that particular pigeon-holing bullet any longer: One of my current coaches made it a prerequisite for our upcoming Costa Rica retreat (where I’m learning about and deepening many more fascinating coaching modalities, so watch this space).

And because I’m nothing if not coachable (obliger / life-long learner here…you, too?), and because I go all-in when I’ve committed to something, I fed my date, time and place of birth into one of those ubiquitous HD-diagnostics websites…and my jaw dropped. My result actually made SO. MUCH. SENSE!


What’s more, I wanted to get it right


– obvi, the nerdy researcher that I am. So I contacted the authorities in the place I was born to find out about my real time of birth, as my mum can never quite remember. And it turns out I had my rising sign wrong – it’s Capricorn, not Leo. (Again: so much sense…and I’ve still got that Leo moon plus Aries sun, so plenty of fire left in the building.)
Chances are, I’ve now lost you as a reader of my blog. After all, you either might be a fervent fan of HD and feel somewhat offended – or you may think I’m bananas / a bigot for tinkering with astrology. And that’s OK! #icontainmultitudes


What I would love for you to take away from this missive, at any rate, are two things.


Firstly and most importantly, the freedom to be even more unashamedly you.

No matter whose feathers you may ruffle.

After all, like Nietzsche prefaced his Zarathustra, you don’t want to be “a book for everyone and no-one”. It’s far preferable to get 7 unsubscribes and 3 replies with HELL YES or thank-yous, than 10 people who couldn’t give a shite either way.

That was Hans’ and my thinking when we recently gave our agency Bright Idea, born in 2015, an image overhaul. We are leaving out things that no longer serve us – and showing even more of our SELVES in return.

For what is a personal brand, if not…you?

Secondly, do your due diligence, ask questions, look behind facades and work with a true expert.

Now my curiosity regarding Human Design has finally been piqued, I promptly booked a reading with someone who has been practicing it for a very long time. Her skills are based on experience and empirical data and I can’t wait for our session!

You know, it’s OK for my identities to shift, change and oscillate at times to better serve me, and to get new impulses from the outside for those moments when I wonder who I even am anymore, and which of my multifarious interests are most of benefit to you.

As a reader of my blog, chances are you know that feeling and are a fellow expert, possibly even a serial one like myself.

So in case you:

  • need reminding who the feck you are,
  • are a multi-passionate soul currently lost for words, focus or clarity, and
  • you wanna get your behind kicked lovingly by a badass and hugely experienced copywriter & coach,

– watch this space – my once-yearly group coaching, name TBD, to light a fire under your messaging & confidence butt will open again this autumn and I’m currently evaluating whether to host it in German or in English.
Hop on the wait list here, and please hit reply and tell me which lingo you’d be game for? Takes two seconds and I’d really, really appreciate it.
Take care and thanks for reading, and why not:
check out our relaunch?

PS: Wanna find out my HD?

Write me back and have a guess, I might enter you in a prize draw 😜 The big reveal will go out to my newsletter readers only (once I’ve had that expert reading), so you might wanna subscribe below if you haven’t already! I admit – it really IS fun to play with, just like astrology. BUT my love for the latter is decades old and will always come first…after all, like yoga, it’s been around for thousands of years for a reason. Not convinced? Check out my two favourite books on the topic, by googling Liv Strömquist and Fritz Riemann. You’re welcome!
PPS: I’m trying to do the grown-ass thing here and hang out more on LinkedIn, but I’ll be documentin’ my Costa Rica trip & learnings – only the fourth long distance flight in my life, btw, because THE PLANET – over on my Insta if you wanna watch me breathe my way through jungle bug-induced panic attacks.

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