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Sound. Yoga. Philosophy.

These are the three cornerstones of all my actions and from this toolbox, I can draw for my unique coaching offers:

Brand new and very VIP: 1:1 Brand Alchemy Coaching, including a three-day LIVE all-inclusive retreat with yoga and karaoke (in summer, when it’s safe). Six months of holistic support for idealistic fempreneurs keen to master both their mindset and their copy. We’ll be revealing your identities, turning your personal essence into your authentic and incomparable brand message. Drop me a line if you’re into the idea and we’ll figure out whether it’s a good fit for you!

Investment: 10.000,-€ plus VAT

Short-term one-on-one sparring for more self-worth. With words (and sounds) that move you – so you can, in turn, move others. You saucy influencer, you! Six calls in three months plus live edits of your copy and email contact in between. EmpowerMentoring to finally get you going in the right direction, pronto.

Investment: 4997,-€ plus VAT

Or if you fancy a group program, there’s Brand New You – currently a blast in its three rounds in German only, but coming out in English for the first time in 2023. Here, too, I’ll work with my tried-and-tested methods: a punk-rock DIY ethos, writing and of course a lot of traditional, old-school yoga, breathing and singing. OM and ROCK ON!

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PS: I’ve not only worked internationally at universities, but have also gathered agency experience. That’s why, with my branding agency, Bright Idea, I come up with pretty much every kind of “content” (you name it, I’ve named it): preferably claims and copy for the beautiful websites we create.

If ever you find yourself struggling for theRight Ideas

Let metease
them out.

Let yourselfbe guided
by a pro.

Let usbrainstorm

My core business:Authenticity.

Elizabeth Gilbert, one of my favourite writers, puts it in a nutshell in her new book, “Big Magic”: “Most things have already been done – but they have not been done by you.” This means that, to start with, you need to feel like what you have to say is worth listening to: Of course, pretty much anything has been done or said before. But as soon as we get behind an idea with our very own passion and our very own language, it becomes ours, and we truly come into our own.

What is authentic communication?

According to the dictionary, “authentic” means: real or genuine, not copied or false, true and accurate. “Communication” signifies: the act or process of using words, sounds, signs, or behaviors to express or exchange information or to express your ideas, thoughts, feelings, etc., to someone else.


Piece of piss, right? Far from it! As put by the famous “Pope of Communication”, Paul Watzlawick: “One can’t not communicate.” You are always getting something across, whether you mean to or not. Better take care for it to be what you intend it to; in a way and a tonality appropriate to both yourself and your target audience. Not sure you can or even want to take on this task on your own? Then why not let a pro deal with it – I happen to know someone.

What is creative consultancy?

“Creative” means: having or using the ability to make or think of new things, involving the process by which new ideas, stories, etc., are created; and doing things in an unusual way. “Consultancy” is: to give advice and one’s professional opinion (of someone); to talk about something (with someone) in order to make a decision.


To be of a deeply creative disposition, constantly having ideas chase each other – for the longest time, I thought that applied to everyone. It does; however, during the course of a lifetime, this inherent, basic human creativity is stifled more and more. To some of us, it is easier to hold on to their child-like (not to be confused with childish!) view of the world as well as one’s place in it and the other people who live in it. I belong with this group of “happy naives”. There are entertaining language games clattering in my head at (almost) all times, I constantly question “facts” philosophically and tend to not take anything at face value. I’m more than happy to share a portion of that perspective with you in a consultation – whilst rousing your own creativity along the way.

Both are available at Bright Ideas.

I have high standards concerning myself in owning up to my colourful, motley CV unapologetically. I can do the same for you:


Whether you manage a company, are responsible for the corporate image of an institution or are just someone with some kind of communication breakdown: No matter. I’ll gladly help illuminate the dark spot (that you may even have been avoiding to look at), getting your creativity flowing again and letting your problems dissolve into thin air. With a BRIGHT IDEA, which I can then also lovingly shape into beautiful language.

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That is how I work.How about you?

You’re not even sure yet what it is you need? No problem, we can find out swiftly in an informal 15-minute chat, completely free of either charge or obligation.

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A Bright Idea ,,I say we invest our 10 large and I ‘accidentally’ get run over by a city bus!”

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