by Dr. Katja Brunkhorst

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No hot air here, people, justHonest Words

We ladies live in exciting times. More possibilities than ever are open to us. Our generation can change the world. But for that to happen, it takes a lot of strength: in business, in the family and in our own head we have to, well, man up – every day anew.

Let me take your hand in this tightrope act! With holistic one-on-one mentoring. With centering techniques from yoga, with an empowering DIY punk rock ethos and enlightening literature that I hit you around the ears with if need be. For more balance in body, mind and soul.

With me, you’re not just getting a Copywriter and Coach



Yoga teacher

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My zone of genius? My core competenceAuthenticity

In this brave new digital world, it’s not easy to escape perfectionism. Also, it’s hard to truly treat yourself as your most important asset. To hear your inner voice – and to really trust it! The trick is to become aware of your self: to live your authenticity. That touches others more than forced originality. You do you. If you like, I can help you – as unapologetically multi-passionate Mami Moshpit. With mentoring for entrepreneurs or other folk who want to get sh*t done, including empathy and a scientifically-analytically trained mind.

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What clients, friends and colleagues sayTestimonials

What’s in it for me?Your benefits:

A fresh, outside view of your situation. My honest opinion. Food for thought, breathing exercises, virtual karaoke sessions or whatever it takes to give you your aha moment in terms of your true self. In addition, if desired, the implementation of communication measures by my branding agency Bright Idea to clarify and improve your situation sustainably. The whole thing founded on discussions with you and homework, which you do yourself and which we then evaluate together. For you to start taking action to achieve one goal, sustainably: to simply be. Or for things to become simpler!

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Brunkhorst’s BloggingDiAries

Personal preferences, Pet Hates and Perspectves of Bright Idea’s Founding Mother, Astro-Nerd from the Palatinate, Katja B.

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A Bright Quote ,,Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing.”

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