by Dr. Katja BrunkhorstAuthentic Communication
& Creative Consultancy

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helps remove any impediments toHonest Words.

For companies and entrepreneurs, institutions or agencies. Authentic, clear, creative. In German, English and/or Dutch. In any register, spanning both high and sub cultures; at home in academia, advertising and at SMEs. Preferably regarding literary, ethical or simply human concerns.
Ideal if you can handle a fresh, and sometimes cheeky, perspective.

Hire me, and you get more than just a
Copy Writer

Nietzsche nerd

Music nut

Yoga geek

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My core business? My core competency,Authenticity

Authenticity will touch people more than forced originality. Stay true to yourself. If you’re not quite sure how, let me help. With ridiculous amounts of sensitivity and an analytically trained researcher’s mind. Or, to (kind of) quote Nietzsche:
A brave spirit will wow by means of their passionate heart.

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What do you get out of it?Benefits

A fresh, outside look at the way you portray yourself or your company. An honest opinion about that. Advice and, if required, the implementation of communication strategies designed to clarify and then improve your situation sustainably. The foundation for all that is built by listening to you (and, optionally, clients and/or co-workers) first – and by asking you the right kind of questions.

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Brunkhorst’s BloggingDiAries

Personal preferences, pet hates and perspectives held by the person behind Bright Idea, astro nerd from the Palatinate, Katja B.

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A Bright Quote ,,Never half-ass two things, whole-ass one thing.”

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