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Ideas for Changemakers

Everyone can write, right? Well, that's what I, Katja, thought for a long time - but experience has now shown me that that's just not the case.

Maybe you can't think of anything or you don't dare to say what's REALLY on your mind...?

I have thought about why it is so ridiculously easy for me to start talking in writing - and put it in a booklet full of ideas and tips for you, exclusively for my fellow teachers, healers, poets and other change-makin' experts ready to rock the online biz world.

Your authentic expression matters

...'cos it renders your competitors irrelevant, and your brand THAT much stronger.

But there's a lot of noise out there in our online biz bubble, the world is turning faster every day, and as a sensitive, empathetic idealist, you can quickly put on the brakes? Hey, I know. I have ALL the T-Shirts!

I'm Dr. Katja Brunkhorst, coach and empowerMentor, co-founder of Bright Idea, top-secret creative copywriter for many online business stars, yoga teacher BDY/EYU, mother,  musician and multi-passionate human disco ball. And I know what that's like - to lose sight of yourself and your mission. But:

We change makers still have to carry our message confidently into the world - it can be done! With Holistic Branding from Bright Idea, which means: from the inside out. In this free taster manifesto for your creative inspiration, I'll take you by the hand on the way back to you and your unique, crystal-clear messaging. Ready?