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A new star is rising

Attention! This will be a “vulnerable share”. An honest post about ways I have been sabotaging myself, and as such, it makes me open to judgement or getting hurt. But that doesn’t matter, because, true to Aries form, I reckon…

How one gig changed my life (write in style pt. 3)

I wrote this fan letter exactly five years ago. At first glance, it doesn’t seem to have much to do with my series on HOW TO WRITE IN STYLE, the current focus of my Blogging DiAries, but when you think…

how to write in style like a singer on stage

How to write in style – pt. 2

Hey ho wannabe writers (and those who’d rather not be) out there! Welcome back to some seriously good advice on how to write well – featuring, as usual, some literary heavyweights as well as a healthy dose of light-hearted yoga…


How to write in style

Hi there, creating content for a living? If the answer is yes and you find the writing part a challenge, fear not! As of today, I’ll post weekly advice on writin’ style (watch out for the wordplay!) you can put…

yoga backbend by the dutch beach

From worrier to warrior

What does free yoga mean? Can yoga lead you to freedom? Is it still there for you, for free, despite having become such a huge market? Do you feel free in your practice, or does it add to your constraints…


Use your illusion

Paper delivered, upon invitation, at the conference “Artist Philosophers. Philosophy as Arts-Based Research” held by the University for Applied Arts Vienna and the Tanzforum Wien, 18 January 2015. Illustration: Paul Punk, Hamburg. 42. Eine neue Gattung von Philosophen kommt herauf:…